The drawings I create are tiny and little, full of spirit and energy. They begin their life as something fast and immediate, made with a minute pencil tip. They can be drawn anywhere and on pretty much anything. I draw them at a time when I am in what I can only describe as a ‘zone’. This appears as if I am in a trance like state where I, like an automaton, allow myself to draw, using energy and feeling, but without the restriction of negative editorial thought. These little creations spring to life, filling up with vitality and personality.

More often than not, I don’t even know what happens to these little drawings or where they end up. But I have innately recognised something which I want to capture and it is from this moment a ‘new life’ has been born! As tiny little drawings, they are somewhat unassuming and could easily be disregarded. Indeed, many are, but I am compelled to transform them into a larger scale, more bold and beautiful, oil painted canvass. This drive comes from the personal necessity to create a powerful energy, much like music or dance, but in contrast, with colour and line.

Painting the canvasses is a much slower process, but it means that I get to know the ‘individual personalities’ really well as I spend so much time with them. I take the utmost care in preparing the desired quality of paint and colour in much the same way as I would prepare food. Similarly, an enormous amount of attention is paid to the surface texture, as if taking care of my own skin. The muted backgrounds allow the characters to stand out and be the absolute focus of the work. Each ‘little personality’ in a way dictates its own colours to me. It is how I see real people in the real world. My paintings are ‘taken care of’, nurtured and developed into a magnificent ‘artistic evolution’.

I feel at one with the world, which can transcend into when and where I feel a space is filled with good vibrations. By giving presence to each tiny drawing, through scale and colour, I feel a space comes to life and the paintings have a chance to ‘zing’. Once this happens, I know the paintings are complete.

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