Born in Sheffield in 1975, and growing up in a beautiful and historic village in Derbyshire, Bethan was a typical ‘80s roller skate kid. She would wear her home-made tight denim jeans with pride, along with her over-sized pastel rainbow coloured chunky knit batwing woollen top, which she practically lived in. Life was simple, glorious and free.

Living in a relatively safe environment, she was free to amble at will, either on foot or by pony. She loved nothing more than spending time in the rural ramblings, drinking in the colours, gazing at the views and feeling the fresh air around her. Colour, painting and ponies were her passions from the beginning, and there was rarely a moment when she wasn’t doing something that involved at least one of these interests.

Bethan made the decision to study in London, having gate-crashed a Slade summer school at the age of 17. When she was 18 she earned a place at Chelsea College of Art to complete Foundation course that helped her develop a portfolio which was strong enough to gain her a place at The Slade School of Fine Art (UCL) for her degree. At the Slade, she was spotted by the Keeper of the Royal Academy Schools and invited to study her Post Graduate Diploma at the Royal Academy.

Bethan crossed formidable barriers, both physically and intellectually, to develop her work. Having completed her education, she continued to work from various studios in and around London. She now lives in Ascot with her family and works from her personal studio at home. Her love of colour, painting and ponies remains paramount to her practice.


2000- 2003: Post Graduate Degree at the Royal Academy Schools.

                      RA Diploma.


1995-2000:  The Slade School of Fine Art, University College  London.                         BA (Honours) degree.


                      The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College                                 London.


1994-1995:  Chelsea College of Art and Design. Foundation Diploma.


1987-1994:  St. Elphin’s. Derbyshire.



  • John Breckon of Imperartor, Singer & Friedlander

  • The Hong Kong Tourist Association

  • Gavin Shreeve of The institute of Finance

  • Alastair Fretwell-Downing of The Fretwell Downing group.

  • Focus Martial Arts, Focus TaeKwondo Association

  • The Sam Smith’s Breweries

  • Mr. & Mrs. D. W. Lewis of David Lewis Associates (architects).

  • Apple MacIntosh (Illustrations) 1993




2014:                           The Delf Summer Show, Derbyshire

                                     BMW Sytner, Sunningdale

2013:                           03B0 – Marbella, Spain

2012:                           The Delf Summer Show, Derbyshire

2010:                           03B0 – Marbella, Spain

2007:                           Mayfest – Sheffield

2006:                           Open Studios – Fusion Arts, Kingston- upon                                        Thames, London.

2004:                           Los Monteros. Marbella. Spain

2003:                           ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ . Solo exhibition.                                          The Crucible theatre, Sheffield.

                                     Schools touring exhibition at Harwood House,                                        Leeds.

                                     Café Gallery, The Royal Academy.

                                     Final year show, The Royal Academy.

2002:                           Premiums show, The Royal Academy.

2000:                           Affordable Art Fair (Will’s Art Warehouse) Art 2000                                        Battersea park.

                                     A.S.C., Brixton, Open Studios

                                     Slade degree Show

1998:                           ‘Hong Kong – City of Life’, group show.

                                    Albemarle Gallery, London.

                                     ‘On the Edge’, group show at The Light House,                                       Trinity Buoy Wharf, London.

                                    Curated by Adriana Sabbadine.

1997:                           Work exhibited alongside the Catto Gallery,                                            exhibition in the Red Exhibition Halls at the                                       Barbican. London.

                                     Directed by John Breckon of Imperartor.

1996:                           Collective exhibition held in the Big Issue                                        Building, Clerkenwell, London.

                                     Directed by Bruce McLean and David Proud.

1995:                           Chelsea College of Art and Design. Final Show.                                       London.


Work is also held permanently at:


Chelsea College of Art and Design, The London Institute.

The Slade school of Fine Art in the Archive Collection.

Delf View House. Derbyshire.

Los Monteros. Spain.

The University of Sheffield.

Focus Martial Arts, Hersham, Surrey.




2001:                           Bursary awarded by The Leverhulme Trust

2002:                           Grant awarded by Mr. & Mrs. Schaefer                      

2002:                           Royal Academy Premiums. The Lore Lehman Prize.



2003/4:                       Source Material, and direct involvement in the Production: “Cascades of Learning”. A ground breaking project bringing together corporate sponsors, the art establishment, a heritage organisation, post-graduate students in Art & Design Education and secondary pupils. Produced by Harewood house, A&B, University of Leeds and Walker Morris.


Clients include:

David Lewis Associates.

Mrs. M. Lewis.

Imagination Technology.

The London Institute of Art and Design.

The Slade School of Fine Art.

Miss. A. Peel.

Mr. Alastair Adamson.

Miss. P. Buckle.

Monsieur Brice Roulee.

Mr. & Mrs. Dukes.

Stone Ghost Productions.

Mr. T. Facey.

Dr. E. Mason.

Mr. Gavin Shreeve.

Mr. Jeremy Mogford.

Mr Alastair Fretwell-Downing.

Mrs. Theresa Stevenson.

Mr. Ian Clayton.

Mr. Roy Bertrand.

Mr. Trevor Attwood.

Mr. John Hinchliffe .

The Circus Bar, Cheltenham.

University of Sheffield.

AXA Fine Art.

Mr. A. Golder

Crucible Theatre, Sheffield.

Esgielle Film & Television.

Miss A. McErlain.

Mr. and Mrs. R. Cooper.

Mr. and Mrs Fergusson

Claire McFee